We be clubbin!

Belvedere Red had us come out to Roak to help promote their liquor, great turn out. Cupics doesn't look only nice at a wedding or corporate event, it looks awesome at the club. I might be bias, but I think Cupics was turning more heads than anyone or thing that night, LOL! You guys should check out the gallery, some really interesting pics that night.....


Awesome Wedding! 

This was the first tent wedding that we ever set up in. This was an awesome wedding, minus the sub zero tempurature during set up, and the projection malfunction.....spent 45 mins setting it up and it took a dump!!!!!! We will definitely have to have back ups from now on. This crowd knew how to party!





The scrapbooks we carry are black leather bond or occasionally cloth, they have 12x12 pages with plastic sleeves.....lovelt safekeeping for the future. Here is a couple of sample photos of our scrapbooks that we have put together on site. We try to get a better collection of scrapbook photos, but it always get so crazy at the end and we don't get the opportunity before it goes into the hands of the newly weds. We will post more as soon as we get the opportunity.....



Hennessy Event @ War'Hous




Cupics was proud to be part of Hennessy's introduction of their new limited edition bottle Hennessy XX into the Houston area. Many thanks to Angela, for setting us up with all the upcoming events around Houston. Come join us at Belvedere this Sunday Oct. 30, 2011 with the Hennessy team for some drank and of course some photos! P.S. It tastes great mixed with a citrus beverage.


Recent Customer Comments

- Jay Norman -

"You guys were a HUGE hit at our wedding and I'm sure we will be making MANY referrals in the weeks to come!  Thanks for your great work, customer service and FUN personalities :)"

- Elsa Chacko -

"Thanks so much for coming out to our wedding!we had such a good time with you guys. You were really gracious with our guests and they can't stop talking about the photo booth!"


- Henry Nguyen -

"Hi Long, thanks again for everything. Your booth was such a hit and A lot of people have asked me for your contact info, including my sister who is getting married next year."






New backdrop!

We tested out one of our new backdrops for Kaitlyn's 10th birthday party, and it turned out really nice. I think we are one to something......again!


Pink Palette Lipstick Launch Event

What a night full of fun people and a great turn out for Debbie's launch of her new lipstick. Near the end of the evening, we had really interesting pics that we can't quite post up......haha....it's never a dull night when Cupics is around! 


Sample projection setup


These are some of our recent projection setups.


What a feel good comment....

We used Cupics for our wedding and they were amazing. The owners were so easy to work with. They were so friendly and enthusiastic with our guests. The photo booth was a huge success! Everyone used it at least once and it created great memories for us. 

My husband was skeptical about using a photo booth but after he saw the good work and sleek & modern design of the Cupics booth he changed his mind. Our only suggestion to anyone considering Cupics is make sure it's in a good spot b/c you'll get a lot of people using it. We absolutely loved Cupics and would use them for any other event. 

Cupics photo booth was that extra something that made our wedding complete! Thanks Cupics!

-Tiffany Ching-


Loren & Benjy's Wedding

Our setup at the Omni Hotel, thanks for the referral Alice Small!


How many can you fit?

The new Cupics record for the number of people that fit into 1 shot is....23!! Can you beat that??



Ready to service!

Check out our setup at the Bridal Extravaganza, not bad for last min planning. We are very pleased with how it turned out. Booth # 1312/1314


We moved to booths 1312/1314 at the Bridal Extravaganza!!!!!!

If you are planning to visit us this weekend, make sure you note that our new booth numbers are 1312/1314. We are very excited and hope to see you guys/gals there!!!!!


V1.2 on it's first gig!

The new version of Cupics was 100% successful last night at an event at Hotel Zaza. Of course there were some minor issues but like with everything else, there is always room for improvements.....


V1.2 Complete

Took a little longer than expected but hard work pays off, v1.2 is finally ready to rock and roll! As promised Emily! Now taking orders for 2012!!!!


Bridal Extravaganza Show 2011

Cupics will be back at the Bridal Extravaganza Show this July 16th and 17th at the George R Brown Conventions Center.  Make your wedding or event a memorable one with Cupics there to entertain all your guests.  Come by and get a peak at the new booth in action.  Booth #1235.


Another late night

Sometimes the construction process can be frustrating, but after all the late nights and sleepy days, it's all worth it once it's done, V1.2 is finally in it's final stages of completion! Damn what a mess, need to clean up!!!!


Vinson & Elkins Casino Night

So this is how it feels to walk the floor at one of the most prestigious law firms in the world, we can't even tape the marble floors!


Cupics v1.2 almost complete

Trying to improve the Cupics design we decide to split the booth into 2 pieces and make it appear as tho the upper half is floating above the other. Turned out pretty satisfying.



Cupics makes an appearance at the Tenshi Sake Tasting

Great job by Apollo in making this video at the Tenshi Sake Tasting event.

Tenshi's 80's theme Sake Tasting from Apollo Stackwell Landingin on Vimeo.