Cupics is a digital photo booth that was designed to change the way you look and experience a century old machine. Gone are the days of the old bulky boxes that you squeeze into. We have redesigned the traditional photo booth from the ground up into a portable, free-standing unit that is smaller and sleeker; using 21st century digital technology to provide you with a record of your memories that will last forever.

      When you step in front the Cupics photo booth, a glowing 12 inch touch screen monitor is there to greet you. It is specifically designed to give you a more interactive experience where you can take your pick between color pictures or black and white pictures. Swinging around to the back of the photo booth, you see a generous 17 inch LCD display monitor facing the crowd, which plays a slideshow of all the fun-filled pictures taken throughout the event. To produce the high quality images you see here, we use a sharp, high megapixel DSLR camera and coupled it with a high powered external flash. To top it off, we combined it with a very fast, hassle-free sublimation dye printer which is capable of producing superb lab quality photos in as little as 8 seconds.

      One of the nifty new features of the Cupics design that sets it apart from any photo booth on the market, is that it has built-in RGB (red/green/blue) LED lights surrounding the unit that can illuminate the cube design into many colors and patterns that is best suited for your event. This flexibility in our design allows Cupics to blend into every environment and every color scheme, and our Cupics team will be there to do everything possible to tailor the “look and feel” of our digital photo booth to your vision of the event. Whether you are renting Cupics for your beautiful wedding, your high school prom, your sweet 16 party, or to spice up your corporate event, you can be rest assured that your guests will not only have the time of their lives, but you also will have all the fun memories digitalized forever.